How to Motivate Students in Learning

A monotonous learning atmosphere can reduce students’ enthusiasm for learning. Especially if students are less active in the teaching and learning process. To overcome this, educators need to prepare various tricks to keep the students’ enthusiasm. What are the tips?

1. Convey the benefits and learning objectives

Students need to understand the benefits of learning a particular subject. For example, when students learn about how to calculate the area of ​​a two-dimensional figure. The teacher needs to explain the reason why students need to learn this material or its benefits in everyday life. They could say that it would help them understand how to calculate the area of ​​land. Students will understand how important the material they are learning.

2. Variation of activities

In every meeting, the teacher must think of changes in learning. For example, by playing roles, discussing, group work, demonstrations, presentations, or conducting experiments. Each learning model must have creative and exciting activities. For example, if the teacher chooses the learning model by making presentations. They need to think about what the students need to present. Before the presentation, what work should the students do? What media will the students use while presenting?

3. Give awards

Young children need appreciation more than criticism. So if they do something good, reward them. The simplest award is in the form of praise. You can give awards in the form of stickers, stars, and others.

4. Give positive comments

To make your students more enthusiastic in learning, educators need to add constructive comments or input to each student’s work.

5. Relaxing and Enjoyable Learning Atmosphere

It is essential to create a relaxed and pleasant learning atmosphere. This way, students would be able to focus on the learning process. To achieve this, educators must appear in top shape.

6. Create a competitive atmosphere

There are times when educators must be able to create a competitive atmosphere when learning. It would be better if this competitive atmosphere is in group learning.

Well, those are some ways to motivate students to be enthusiastic about learning. For those of you who are looking for international schools with IGCSEs curriculum standards, you can try Brighton College, British Primary School Bangkok.